Univita™: A Patented Solution from Unibar

A Patented Solution from Unibar
A Patented Solution for Improved Mineral Supplementation
A Patented Solution for Improved Mineral Supplementation

The body needs to be reinforced by minerals, both macro and micro, as an essential part of human nutrition. Minerals are naturally found in much of the food we eat, but research has shown that current diets are not providing a sufficient quantity. Sourced using a patented biofortification process, Univita plant-based ingredients deliver a more naturally enhanced source of chelated minerals and vital nutrients to fill the nutritional gap.

Upgrade your supplement and functional food formulas with Univita Guava Leaves, Holy Basil, Amla-Indian Gooseberry, and coming soon, Beetroot »

Supplementing with Univita also allows consumers to get a necessary boost of chelated minerals without relying on synthetic or inorganic alternatives. This leads to better absorption and bioavailability, avoiding potential gastric irritation sometimes caused by synthetics.

A Higher Class of Ingredients
for Holistic Support

A Higher Class of Ingredients
for Holistic Support

Univita delivers exceptional holistic support to many critical health functions within the body. By combining powerful plant-based ingredients—full of various polyphenols for powerful antioxidant support—with essential minerals, Univita is set up to optimize outcomes for a stronger foundation of health.
Univita Ingredients

guava leaves

Univita Guava Leaves + Zinc

For years, research has verified that nutrient-rich guava leaves deliver health benefits against a variety of health challenges, including various immune health applications. »

Univita Guava Leaves + Zinc


Guava leaves act as an immune stimulant because of the ability to help modulate lymphocyte (white blood cell) proliferation. They also provide support against bad bacteria and other immunity aggressors. Research into the ingredient has shown that it can also help improve insulin sensitivity, influence cholesterol levels and is an excellent source of dietary fiber.


By enhancing the guava leaves with zinc, Univita Guava Leaves’ potential for immune, cognitive, and digestive support is greatly increased. Because the biofortification process also improves nutrient absorption within the plant, Univita Guava Leaves are also a holistic health solution for overall better wellbeing and healthier aging.

Univita Holy Basil + Magnesium & Zinc

Known as the “Queen of Herbs”, holy basil has long been used for both its medicinal and spiritual properties. Modern research has revealed that the herb demon-strates many important benefits as an adaptogen. »

Univita Holy Basil + Magnesium & Zinc


As an adaptogen, holy basil plays a key role in managing healthy aging, stress and the immune system. Stress management—both psychological and physiological—also plays an important role in helping support a balanced immune system, making this adaptogen a powerful agent for a strengthened immune defense.


Univita Holy Basil, which is naturally rich in magnesium and zinc, takes the crown from its generic sisters. Univita Holy Basil supports the immune system because of zinc’s ability to support vital immune cell development and the magnesium within the plant helps maintain a proper inflammatory response. Magnesium also plays a key role in supporting mood and other cognitive functions.

Univita Amla-Indian Gooseberry + Zinc & Magnesium

Indian gooseberry is an ingredient rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, scientifically shown to deliver a wide variety of health benefits. »

Univita Amla-Indian Gooseberry + Zinc & Magnesium

It provides potent support to the immune system from its antioxidants and phytonutrients, which also helps to promote oxidative homeostasis. Gooseberry has also been recognized for its ability to dramatically influence cholesterol levels and delivers benefits to improve both cognitive and skin health. As a unique source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, Indian gooseberry also helps to improve digestive health in multiple ways.


Higher levels of magnesium and zinc within Univita Amala improves Indian gooseberry’s benefit profile by delivering more potent support to immune, digestive, and heart health. Because zinc and magnesium also play critical roles in cognitive function, using our enhanced gooseberry ingredient will deliver a broader range of brain health benefits as well.

guava leaves

Coming Soon, Univita Beetroot + Nitrates

Beetroot is a natural source of nitrates and delivers a rich assortment of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional compounds used to help improve multiple health outcomes. »

Univita Beetroot + Nitrates


As a natural source of nitrates, phenolics, ascorbic acid, betalains, and various carotenoids, beetroot is able to provide ample antioxidant and inflammatory support as well as deliver benefits for cardiovascular health—including reduced blood pressure and improved blood flow—and cognitive function.


Univita Beetroot is unique in that our patented biofortification process increases the nitrate content within the plant for enhanced benefits. This makes the ingredient an excellent option for sports nutrition supplements because nitrate supplementation directly influences physiological performance and has been shown to reduce fatigue rate while also improving exercise performance and cardiovascular responses.

The Univita Promise

  • Improved mineral absorption through conversion to chelated forms, resulting in increased bioavailability
  • Plant tissue stimulation for improved nutrient uptake and higher concentrations of secondary metabolites
  • Delivery of a more powerful combination of benefits compared to generic plant-based ingredients
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