UniGold™ Lutein

UniGold™ Lutein - The Power of the Flower™

About Lutein

Naturally occurring in marigolds, lutein is a yellow pigment that belongs to the family of phyto-chemicals known as carotenoids. More specifically, it is a xanthophyll – a sub-class of carotenoids that do not have vitamin A activity yet are still powerful antioxidants. Lutein selectively accumulates in the macula of the eye, where it blocks the absorption of blue wavelengths of light – protecting delicate eye tissue against UV damage.*

As an antioxidant, lutein is well-known for having limited stability. Fortunately, oil suspensions and beadlet technology have been successfully employed to stabilize this fragile pigment.

Introducing UniGold™ Lutein

UniGold™ is a proprietary lutein extract manufactured by Synthite – one of the biggest cultivators and manufacturers of marigold oleo resin in India.

UniGold™ contains free lutein – derived from marigold flowers grown specifically for Synthite – in 5% or 10% vegetarian beadlet and 20% vegetable oil suspension form.

UniGold™ Ingredient Benefits

  • Patented: Protected by a U.S. process patent.
  • Natural source: Derived from marigold flowers, one of the most concentrated natural sources of lutein.
  • U.S.-manufactured: Encap Technology uses a patent-pending encapsulation process that creates a protective, all-natural barrier around the lutein — shielding it from the acidic conditions of the stomach and allowing for timed-release in the alkaline environment of the small intestine.
  • Excellent stability: Stable for 24 months as verified by third-party laboratory testing.
  • Self-affirmed GRAS: Safe to use in foods and beverages, as well as dietary supplements.
  • Complete traceability: From farm to finished application.
  • Vertically-integrated: From sourcing to manufacturing.
  • Guaranteed supply: Produced by the largest marigold processor in India providing a constant supply of raw material.

Lutein Health Benefits

  • Supports the health of the eyes and promotes visual function*
  • Protects the macula of the eye – which is responsible for central (as opposed to peripheral) vision*
  • Filters out harmful blue light, shielding the lens of the eye from light damage*
  • Reduces the effects of glare on visual performance*
  • May protect skin against premature aging by boosting antioxidant capacity of skin*