Unibar is a plant-based life sciences company that delivers branded ingredients of superior quality and value. Our patented processes and innovative practices create an opportunity to more fully address consumer needs within the immune health, eye health, and active nutrition categories.

The Bar, Raised

Unibar Corporation is dedicated to offering branded, proprietary, and clinically studied dietary ingredients that are highly bioavailable. Through strategic alliances with leading herbal extract manufacturers, Unibar develops scientifically substantiated dietary ingredients that offer significant advantages over current offerings in the marketplace, including enhanced bioavailability and ecological extraction.

Our Products

Univita™ Essential Chelated Minerals

Univita™ delivers the next generation of botanical extracts using a patented biofortification process for optimal nutrient and chelated mineral supplementation.*

CapsiClear™ First-ever Highly Enriched Capsanthin

CapsiClear™ is the first-ever Capsanthin ingredient standardized to provide at least 50% capsanthin, making it more potent than other Carotenoids.

Feel The Heat with CapZfuel™

CapZfuel™ is an enteric-coated capsaicin extract. Designed to deliver directly to the intestine, CapZfuel has been clinically tested to provide optimal thermogenesis support.

EktibaFlex® Highly Enriched Boswellic Acid

EktibaFlex® is a highly enriched extremely bioavailable, and clinically studied extract of the gum resin of the Boswellia serrata tree.

Maitake Pt78® Strong Adaptogen

Maitake Pt78® is a clinically-validated immune modulating extract made from maitake mushroom fruit body. It is one of nature's most potent immunity enhancers.*

UniGOLD™ Stable and Bioavailable Lutein

UniGOLD™ is a proprietary, stable, standardized free Lutein extract manufactured from pure Indian-grown marigold flowers using an environmentally friendly process.

Research, Validated

As a company that is firmly rooted in technological innovation, Unibar is dedicated to creating ingredients that add value beyond what is currently offered.

Quality, Controlled

Our manufacturing sites are ISO 9001:2008 certified, cGMP approved, PMDA accredited, and HAACP compliant. Our ingredients are certified Kosher, Parve, and Halal.
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