UniGOLD™ Stable and Bioavailable Lutein

UniGOLD™ is a proprietary, stable, standardized free Lutein extract manufactured from pure Indian-grown marigold flowers. Available in 5%, 10%, 20% and 25% vegetarian beadlet form and vegetable oil suspension form that contains a 5:1 ratio of Lutein to Zeaxanthin, UniGOLD™ is encapsulated using matrix beadlet technology. This innovative technology ensures intestinal delivery for maximum absorption and bioavailability.

UniGOLD™ Benefits:

  • Free Lutein: Ready to be absorbed.
  • Excellent stability: Stable for 24 months as verified by third-party laboratory testing.
  • Environmentally friendly: Sustainable process protects waterways from pollution.
  • Patented: So innovative, it’s protected by a U.S. process patent (#8,008,532).
  • Plant source: Derived from marigold flowers, one of the most enriched natural sources of Lutein.
  • Safe for multivitamins: Innovative matrix beadlet technology keeps Lutein from reacting with minerals, preventing the development of black specks on tablets.
  • Self-affirmed GRAS: Safe to use in foods and beverages, as well as dietary supplements.
  • Complete traceability: Traceable from farm to finished ingredient.
  • Vertically integrated: Integrated from cultivation to manufacturing.
  • Sustainable supply: Produced by the largest marigold processor in India, providing a sustainable supply of raw material.
  • Accredited: Manufactured according to ISO, cGMP, HAACP, and PMDA requirements.
  • Certified: Certified Kosher, Parve, and Halal.

3 Common Lutein Issues

Lutein has become a commodity product available from countless raw material suppliers. However, not all Lutein is alike. The stability of Lutein is always in question, because Lutein rapidly absorbs oxygen and degrades. Because it is fat-soluble, Lutein is also difficult to absorb. And unprotected, it can react with minerals in formulations, creating black specks on tablets.

UniGOLD™ Free Lutein

UniGOLD™ is manufactured by our unique matrix beadlet technology, which protects Lutein from exposure to oxygen. Adjuvants in the beadlets also ensure intestinal delivery for better absorption. Finally, the barrier coat prevents the Lutein from reacting with minerals in multivitamin formulations. If you want enhanced stability, bioavailability and compatibility with other ingredients, choose UniGOLD™.

Lutein Health Benefits

Naturally occurring in marigolds, Lutein is a yellow pigment that belongs to the family of phytochemicals known as carotenoids. More specifically, it is a xanthophyll — a subclass of carotenoids that do not have vitamin A activity yet are still powerful antioxidants. Lutein selectively accumulates in the macula of the eye, where it blocks the absorption of blue wavelengths of light — protecting delicate eye tissue against UV damage.*

  • Supports the health of the eyes and promotes visual function*
  • Protects the macula of the eye — which is responsible for central (as opposed to peripheral) vision*
  • Filters out harmful blue light, shielding the lens of the eye from light damage*
  • Reduces the effects of glare on visual performance*
  • May protect skin against premature aging by boosting antioxidant capacity of skin*
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