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CapZfuel™ is an enteric-coated capsaicin extract. Designed to deliver directly to the intestine, CapZfuel has been clinically tested to provide optimal thermogenesis support.* With CapZfuel, your body will feel the heat while you keep your cool.

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Benefits of Capsaicin and Thermogenesis

Capsaicin, derived from Capsicum annuum, is the molecule responsible for adding a little spice to your food. But capsaicin does more than add flavor. CapZfuel, a unique capsaicin extract, burns existing body fat through a process called non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) for enhanced energy, reduced fatigue and improved performance.* Using fat as fuel also allows for extended exercise duration by enhancing overall endurance for even better results.*

Why CapZfuel?

CapZfuel is among the safest capsaicin extracts available, with enteric-coated beadlets that help to deliver the molecule directly to the intestines where it can be absorbed without causing damage or irritation to the stomach and gut.

Unlike other capsaicin options on the market, CapZfuel is free from pharmaceutical excipients, like methacrylate, and achieves better dissolution and palatability without the use of surfactants and soothing agents.

With the rise of at-home workouts and endurance activities, CapZfuel can provide health benefits for various consumer segments.*

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Pre-clinical Results

An 8-week study on obesity-induced mice showed promising results. The mice were treated with CapZfuel capsaicin extract for a period of 5 weeks. At the end of the experiment, those mice that consumed CapZfuel showed significantly reduced body weight compared to those that were treated with Orlistat, a common weight loss medication.* In addition to a drop in weight, the CapZfuel group showed reduction in observed lipid parameters such as cholesterol and triglycerides.*

CapZfuel results comparable to Orlistat

CapZfuel results (34.4 +/- 4.07g) were comparable to Orlistat (35.4 +/- 2.56g) on day 36.

Unleash the Benefits

CapZfuel is designed to help the body utilize its existing fat as fuel to:

  • Conserve muscle mass, ensure fat loss*
  • Improve energy during aerobic and anaerobic exercises*
  • Boost resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure during NEAT*

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