CapsiClear™ First-ever Highly Enriched Capsanthin

CapsiClear™ is the first Capsanthin ingredient to provide at least 50% Capsanthin, making it more potent than other Carotenoids While UniGold™ Lutein is ideal for protecting the macula of the eye from age-related changes, clinically studied CapsiClear™ Capsanthin is designed for those who want to improve their visual performance in everyday life, as well as maintain optimum intraocular pressure and protect eye nerves.*

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CapsiClear™ Benefits

  • More potent: Provides 50%-80% Capsanthin — much more than other brands.
  • Unique composition: Patent-pending composition includes both zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin, for a more powerful biological effect.
  • Clinically studied: Indicated clinically effective for helping reduce eye strain.
  • Excellent stability: Stabilized with vegetarian flaxseed oil (not gelatin).
  • Enhanced bioavailability: Oil base enhances absorption of fat-soluble Capsanthin.
  • Complete traceability: Traceable from farm to finished ingredient.
  • Vertically integrated: Integrated from cultivation to manufacturing.
  • Sustainable supply: Produced by the largest processor of Capsanthin in India, guaranteeing a sustainable supply of raw material.
  • Accredited: Manufactured according to ISO, cGMP, HAACP, and PMDA requirements.
  • Certified: Certified Kosher, Parve, and Halal.
  • GRAS certified-Self Affirmed.

The Eye Strain Carotenoid

Most people spend a lot of time looking at screens, whether for work or recreation. As a result, eyestrain is a common complaint across ages. In fact, 59% of people report signs of eyestrain, which is characterized by sore, tired eyes; blurred or double vision; headaches; sore neck, shoulders, or back; increased sensitivity to light; and difficulty concentrating.

Observational studies show that people who eat diets rich in carotenoids like Lutein and zeaxanthin enjoy better overall eye health, but there’s another less well known carotenoid that may address the specific problem of eyestrain more effectively.* It’s called Capsanthin.

Unibar CapsiClear™ Capsanthin Extract

CapsiClear™ is a novel Capsanthin supplement ideal for everyday vision issues such as eyestrain.* Original clinical research performed at the University of North Texas suggests CapsiClear™ helps the eyes recover more quickly after exposure to bright light and helps increase reading performance in both white and blue light — actions that may help reduce eye strain.* Additionally, in vivo research suggests CapsiClear™ helps maintain optimum intraocular pressure.*

How CapsiClear™ is Made

  1. Unibar oversees the production of CapsiClear™ from farm to finished ingredient.
  2. Chili is procured from controlled, contracted cultivation.
  3. Cultivation is closely supervised, and farms are provided with cultivation and post-harvest handling assistance.
  4. The harvested Chili is brought directly to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
  5. Chili quality is confirmed at our in-process lab using an array of cutting edge analytical equipment.
  6. After the Chili has passed each and every quality control test, it is extracted in a closed-loop manufacturing process to concentrate the Capsanthin.
  7. The end result of this carefully controlled process is a Capsanthin concentrate that retains the sensory qualities and range of constituents present in the fresh Chili.
  8. The Capsanthin is then blended with vegetable oil or converted into stable beadlets in a proprietary, patented composition.

Capsanthin Health Benefits

Capsanthin is a carotenoid, just like Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin. These pigments, found in red, orange, yellow, and green fruits and vegetables, are recognized for their ability to provide antioxidant protection to the eye and to promote eye health.* (Some carotenoids, like Cryptoxanthin, are also precursors to vitamin A, which means they help the body produce this vision-supporting vitamin.*)

A 12-week, randomized, placebo-controlled, pilot clinical study indicates that CapsiClear™, at a dosage of 40 mg per day, may:

  • Increase macular pigment density (MPD), which is linked to better visual performance*
  • Reduce recovery time after exposure to bright light*
  • Improve reading under different light conditions (both white and blue light)*

A 28-day in vivo study found CapsiClear™, at dose levels of 20, 40 and 80 mg/kg:

  • Helped maintain optimum intraocular eye pressure*
  • Showed an effect starting on day 8 onwards up to 28 days.
  • Did not result in clinical signs of toxicity, mortality, changes in body weight or feed consumption. There were no treatment-related changes in hematology or clinical chemistry parameters.
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