About Unibar Corporation

Unibar Corporation supplies a range of select nutraceuticals to the dietary supplement industry, including a complete portfolio of high-quality herbal extracts.

Over the past three decades, Unibar has leveraged its strategic relationships with growers and suppliers in India to develop value-added products in the flavor and natural chemical industries. Now, the company is pleased to introduce branded, proprietary nutraceutical ingredients – created exclusively for the U.S. market – to the dietary supplement and functional foods industries.

Through a strategic alliance with Synthite Industries Limited, Unibar is able to develop scientifically substantiated nutraceutical ingredients that offer significant advantages over current offerings in the marketplace, including enhanced bioavailability and ecological extraction. The first of these ingredients include CurQnetic™ Curcumin and UniGold™ Lutein, with more products under development.

Equipped with a team of qualified research scientists, a dedicated R&D laboratory, testing facilities and a U.S.-based logistics and warehouse command center headed up by CEO Sevanti Mehta, Unibar is able to provide timely and cost-effective solutions to its sourcing partners around the globe. A testament to its dedication to scientific advancement, the company holds three U.S. patents pertaining to proprietary extraction and manufacturing methods.

About Synthite Industries Limited

Established in 1972, Synthite is the largest manufacturer and exporter of spice oleo resins and essential oils and the largest processor of curcumin in India. The company supplies ingredients to the major food, fragrance, and flavor houses with a portfolio of over 500 products – from fresh and dried spices to oleoresins, added-value products and application-oriented solutions – to over 70 countries worldwide. Today, Synthite accounts for more than 30% of the global market share in spice and oleoresin manufacture.

Unlike other raw material manufacturers, Synthite develops unique ingredients entirely in-house, from initial concept to full-scale production. All ingredients are made from the finest raw materials with complete traceability.