CurQnetic™ Curcumin

CurQnetic™ Curcumin - 24-Hour Bioactivity™

Turmeric is a culinary and medicinal herb that has been used in India for over 2,500 years. Research has identified curcumin as the active ingredient of turmeric responsible for its bioactivity. Over the past 30 years, dozens of human clinical studies have been published examining the potential health benefits of curcumin.

Why Standard Curcumin Is Not Bioavailable


Unfortunately, curcumin has notoriously poor bioavailability for several reasons. First, it is poorly absorbed and distributed in the body. As a result, very little curcumin makes it into the bloodstream and tissues. Second, what little curcumin is absorbed is rapidly metabolized through a process called glucuronidation. (Glucurondication involves the addition of glucuronic acid to a substance, which facilitates its elimination from the body.)

That begs the question: What if a specialty curcumin could be developed that bypassed the glucuronidation reaction?

Introducing CurQnetic™ Curcumin

CurQnetic™ is a proprietary enhanced bioavailable curcumin (80% curcumin) manufactured by Synthite – the largest manufacturer of oleo resins in India and the largest processor of curcumin in the world – from the choicest rhizomes of Curcuma longa.

CurQnetic™ incorporates curcumin (95%) – from turmeric grown specifically for Synthite – with vanillin (from vanilla) and gingerols (from ginger), which share certain key molecular structural features with curcumin. The vanillin and gingerol thus act as adjuvants, helping curcumin to bypass the glucuronidation reaction and increase absorption and retention.

CurQnetic™ Ingredient Benefits

Curcumin Health Benefits

Over the past several years, curcumin has been the subject of numerous human clinical trials. Results of these studies have shown that curcumin:

  • Encourages a healthy response to inflammation*
  • Supports the health of colon and pancreas cells*
  • Improves antioxidant status*
  • Protects cellular DNA from free radical damage*
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels already within a healthy range*
  • Helps maintain the health and integrity of the intestinal lining*
  • Supports joint comfort and promotes joint function*

Certified Kosher, Parve and Halal