CurQnetic™ Bioavailability Studies

CurQnetic™ versus Standard Curcumin (Rats)

A single-dose oral pharmacokinetics study in Sprague dawley rats compared the bioavailability and retention of CurQnetic™ versus standard curcumin. The results showed that:

  • CurQnetic™ has up to 8 times the oral bioavailability of standard curcumin.
  • CurQnetic™ is retained in the bloodstream 6 times longer than standard curcumin, providing 24-hour bioactivity.

CurQnetic vs. Standard Curcumin study results

CurQnetic™ Efficacy Studies

CurQnetic™ has been the subject of several in vitro and in vivo efficacy studies, which indicate it has powerful biological activity. Of particular interest, CurQnetic™ supported a healthy response to inflammation in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells as well as in rats.*

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